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Watch this quick video to learn about our book program. 

A book launched our movement and that same book is still our primary focus. Through a simple partnership, The Pay It Forward Foundation makes it possible for teachers in schools and other learning environments to receive the Pay It Forward Young Readers Edition.

If you want to use the book as a part of your curriculum, we want to partner with you! We invite you to use the Feedback section below to request a class set. After we review your request we will contact you to finish the partnership and ship books to you, as they are available.

Please provide the following information in an email to using the subject line Book Request.  

Please answer these questions: 

1 - School Name and Tax Identification Number

2 - Name and E-mail address of contact person

3 - Number of Books Requested

4 - Complete address where books will be sent

5 - Date you hope to begin using the books in your class

6 - How books will be integrated into your curriculum: (maximum two paragraphs please)


Mailing Inquiries and Donations:

Pay It Forward Foundation

540 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Suite #2

Severna Park, Maryland 21146


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  • Jenny Foster
    commented 2018-09-05 00:16:27 -0500
    Pay it forward is a fabulous concept that changed my life when I first heard of it. Paying it forward is exactly how I collect books. Whenever I finish a book I give it away knowing a new book will come into my life. Paying it forward to get new books is great like this guys example Thank you for spreading this great concept I really hope courses use it in their mateiral!
  • Paso Robles
    commented 2018-01-08 19:12:16 -0600
    This book is very insightful, and i know that in anybody’s hands it can change the world for the better, i was planning on getting my staff this book and teaching them the strategies in the book, do you think the book could also be relevant for businesses as well? Love to hear your thoughts!
  • Monika Robertshaw
    commented 2017-11-30 18:16:43 -0600
    1 – School Name and Tax Identification Number: Daniel Lewis Middle School (48-129-5642)

    2 – Name and E-mail address of contact person: Monika Robertshaw (

    3 – Number of Books Requested: (There are 30 students in the class, but they could share novels! I would be tremendously grateful for 15.)

    4 – Complete address where books will be sent: Daniel Lewis Middle School, 900 Creston Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446

    5 – Date you hope to begin using the books in your class: April 2018

    6 – How books will be integrated into your curriculum:

    I teach a middle school PBIS Leadership class and we seek to foster mutual understanding, respect, and civic engagement. Our leadership students attend a 16 hour summer training session where they hone their leadership skills in preparation to mentor their peers throughout the school year. They have raised over $3,000 this year so far to donate to the Red Cross, Loaves and Fishes, Pennies for Patients, and local families in need. This year so far, our leaders have donated 1,691 hours of volunteer time to their school and community and they are very proud to be contributing to the positive culture at our school as well as serving as positive student ambassadors in our community. Since my students are so dedicated to civic service, reading Pay it Forward together as a class would not only deeply touch my students, but it would also inspire them to keep spreading kindness and giving to others. I’d love for my own students to follow suit by paying it forward themselves and tracking their kindness chain as it spreads throughout our school, community, and beyond. I have no doubt this novel would leave a forever-lasting impact on the hearts of my students, as it has for me.
  • Carmen Meyer
    commented 2016-12-08 12:45:50 -0600
    1. Lincoln High School – 46-6002586
    2. Carmen Meyer –
    3. 15
    4. 2900 S. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105
    5. Feb. 2016 (or sooner)
    6. I teach a social skills class for teenagers. This book would be a great way to introduce an example of ways to bring out the best in them. Many are very down on themselves at various times and need a boost to remind them that life really isn’t that bad. They need to understand empathy and how they can help others find solutions. I think the idea of paying it forward would be good for all teens. Thank you!
  • Beverly Moore
    followed this page 2016-10-06 09:38:13 -0500
  • Teka Boshell
    commented 2016-04-30 00:46:24 -0500
    1. Winkler School, Cub Scouts Pack 369, Burlington, WI (don’t know our tax ID, can request it if really needed)
    2. Teka Boshell
    3. 15 books please
    4. 33900 Crestview Dr, Burlington, WI 53105
    5. I’d love to explain this program in detail and give out the books at our crossing over ceremony May 15, 2016. If unable to make that date, can shoot for the beginning of next year, unsure of exact date but August or September would be wonderful!
    My plan is to explain to the pack boys that Pay It Forward is exactly what Scouting is about. Give the boys each a book to read and challenge them to each Pay it Forward 2 times/ month.
    Thank you!!

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