Watch this quick video to learn about our book program. 

A book launched our movement and that same book is still our primary focus. Through a simple partnership, The Pay It Forward Foundation makes it possible for teachers in schools and other learning environments to receive the Pay It Forward Young Readers Edition.

If you want to use the book as a part of your curriculum, we want to partner with you! We invite you to use the Feedback section below to request a class set. After we review your request we will contact you to finish the partnership and ship books to you, as they are available.

Please provide the following information in an email to using the subject line Book Request.  

Please answer these questions: 

1 - School Name and Tax Identification Number

2 - Name and E-mail address of contact person

3 - Number of Books Requested

4 - Complete address where books will be sent

5 - Date you hope to begin using the books in your class

6 - How books will be integrated into your curriculum: (maximum two paragraphs please)


Mailing Inquiries and Donations:

Pay It Forward Foundation

1615 Briarwood Ln

Gearhart, OR 97138