How it works


We are fundraising to bring an innovative way to spread acts of kindness around the world. Once we raise the necessary funds to complete our web programming (in time for the holidays!) we will have coins available for purchase. Each coin has it's own unique code so all stories related to its kind travels are shared with everyone. You can set up your coin's profile so all future holders learn the story behind its purpose.

The coin is passed to other people along with your act of kindness. You or the receiver can record the event with a picture, video or written note that creates a chain of kindness. They stories are shared by email and social media and all prior holders of the coin are sent updates each time new stories are entered when the coin is passed. You can also watch it travel since the coins location is entered.

The creative program is going to allow us to see how their one small act of kindness can spread and inspire others to do the same :-). How far will your coin travel? Will it make it overseas? Will a famous person get a hold of it once? How much will your coin raise in donations to further support more acts of kindness? 


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