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The simple act of performing an act of kindness for someone with a need, asking for nothing in return except that the recipient do that same for someone else when they are able to do so, is the guiding principle of Paying it Forward. We started this over 17 years ago and along with our supporters we have performed countless kind acts globally. We spread kindness by:

1. Supporting individuals, families, schools, organizations and other groups through grants and donations.

2. Members and supporters of this foundation taking direct action to perform kind acts in the United States and throughout the world.

You can help by becoming a supporter, member, volunteer and by making a donation or a purchase from our online store. Please help us spread compassion and acts of kindness to those in need. You will find the act of giving returns to you much more than is provided to another.



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  • donny ingraham
    commented 2017-12-21 16:53:57 -0600
    My name isDonny and I’m trying to buy hearing aids for a blind and hard of hearing friend. Anything would help. If you want to know please contact me
  • donny ingraham
    followed this page 2017-12-21 16:50:49 -0600
  • James Tucker
    commented 2017-11-24 09:55:23 -0600
    what I have done over the past 47 years was to take clothing to poor children in the Dominican Republic. Now it has become impossible to carry more than 50 pounds in your suitcase. So what I had started doing is sending boxes down there. In October I sent a box loaded with children’s clothing . Everything I picked up came from one of the StopNSwap events . It was wonderful to see how happy the children were to see what I had sent. A few weeks ago I went to another event in the Bronx hoping to send more clothing and toys. The clothing was in good condition;but the toys were too old and most likely would’ve broken soon after they were given out. I had intended to give out the toys soon after I arrived for Feast of Three Kings Day. even though my funds are limited(as I am retired and live on my retirement pay) I am going down there anyway. I had been asked to be godfather to a baptism of a baby by one of the young men who I have known since he was a child. Many years ago I brought clothing for him and his family. Perhaps there is one day of giving ;but mine continues throughout the year.I don’t stay in hotels; but with the families that I keep in touch with and keep helping through out the year.
  • Eric Wellens
    published this page in Home 2017-11-19 17:18:16 -0600

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