The simple act of performing an act of kindness for us certainly includes caring for the environment.

We spread kindness to the planet by:

1. Supporting environmental and sustainability initiatives. These include supporting through grants and donations individuals and organizations who take action to prevent environmental harms to land, air and water, to those cleaning up or recycle materials, or to those researching or investing in innovative practices to reduce or slow down harms to the planet. We further support those who provide education and training to interested students or officials directly working in the environmental movement.

2. Members, supporters, and volunteers of this foundation taking direct action to perform kind acts to the planet and to those who are working to protect and improve the environment throughout the United States and around the world.

You can help by becoming a supporter, member, volunteer and by making a donation or a purchase from our online store. Please help us spread education and acts of kindness to the planet. You will find the act of giving to care for and protect the environment will help bring necessary awareness to the challenges our living environment is facing everyday.