The Pay It Forward Foundation supports though acts of kindness individuals, families, and organizations in need as well as those performing acts of kindness to people, animals and the planet. We also seek to share the message of compassion and learning to be kind though our book program and our upcoming new program which creates chains of kind acts which spreads around the world with our coin program. Our book program provides copies of the Pay It Forward Young Readers Edition for teachers and other leadership groups to use in the classrooms and education curriculums.

As we work to Make America Kind Again, YOU CAN HELP. 

Your gift of kind donations all us to perform amazing acts of kindness to those in need, to provide books to kids, and in the near future to provide traveling kindness coins to spread kindness even faster and more visibly than ever before. We will use social media in a positive way to share inspiring stories. Our coins will show how one simple act of kindness can create a profound series of acts of kindness moving around the globe. Your support will help start new act of kindness chains.

We hope you will you make a gift to help support us, the original Pay It Forward organization, so we can bring more kindness to the world and to those with real needs. Thank You! 





$3,576.80 raised so far. Help us get to $25,000.00

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